Great another gaming blog!

Hello every one and welcome to the Gm’s study, now I know what you are thinking does the world really need another gaming blog? Probably not but hey it probably wont send the cosmos spinning out of whack and since my friends have been pestering me to start one I figure what the hell.

“So what will I find here?” I hear you asking. You will find tips on being a better GM and on being a better player. We will talk about how to build three dimensional characters and dynamic worlds. We will talk about keeping the game fun for every one including the GM. There should also be tech tips, web app reviews and plot hooks to be found laying about. I might also throw in a game review here and there as well.

If any of this interest you remember to book mark the sight and subscribe to the feed. If it doesn’t interest you move along nothing to see here. For those of you still here i will also be expecting some audience participation so don’t forget to leave comments.

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  1. Nice to see you started a gaming blog. Let’s see what you can do with it! I’m eager to find out 🙂

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