Looking up from the table: Rule number 1

Looking up from the table will be a loose colection of articles that deal with how we interact with each other when we play games.  We will look at different types of play style here as well as gming stiles and player styles.  We will talk about how to find people to game with and what to do with a player that does not fit in.  But befor we start on all that good stuff we have to talk about the most important rule in gaming.

No matter what game you are playing there is one rule that must be remembered at all times.  If you find yourself in a game that violates this rule then you  must do something about it.  The rule is simple but if it is broken you will see GMs burn out and players leave the game in frustration.  What one rule could be so important that it can kill any game from Traveler to H.O.L.E. It is so imprtent and will show up so often around here we will just call it Rule #1.

Rule #1: We are here to have fun

If you have been a gamer for a long time you have probably reached the point were going to a game becomes a chore.  Maybe the story is moving to slowly or maybe the effort of prepping for the game is to much.  Some times we just need a break from one system, play stile or character and need a change.  I have seen more then one gaming group fall apart just because people stopped having fun with the game being played.  Enforcing this rule should be the GMs number one rule, every thing else he does should fallow from this one thought: Is every one having a good time. If we can answer yes to this question then we as game master are doing our job.

Now before you get all up in arms about this let me clarify a few things. Making sure that every one is having a good time does not mean giving them every magic item they want, letting them level up when they feel like it or handing them piles of treasurer.  What it does mean is letting the players do something cool each and every setion and giving them a story to tell to there bored nongamer friends.

Players while this is the predominantly the GMs responsibility you are not off the hook in keeping this rule.  GMs do a lot of work to put together the cool things for your character to do don’t go breaking the adventure just because you can. Do not act out of character for your character just to get an advantage. when we step outside our characters normal behavior we tend to block the path that is intended for us and we miss out on the cool things that we were supposed to see.  Does this mean you should always go were the GM wants you to, hell no but do it because it is what your character would do for his or her own reasons

Every thing else I share with you here will be directed at this one simple idea.  We get to gather with our friends to roleplay for one reason and that is to have a good time. What a good time means may be different from group to group and that is OK as long as every one at the table is having fun.  Some groups will just want to crawl through dungeons and loot dragons hordes, other groups will want to buckle there swash or get involved in court intrigues. The important thing is to know what the other players at the table want and to help them to find it. If we do this, help build the fun of others, they will help to increase our enjoyment of the game as well.

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  1. Yes, every one having fun is the 1st rule. Well put.

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