What do you do when you have a story you like to tell but relies that the system is getting in the way? That is the question I have been trying to answer for the past few months.

For over a year I have been running a Dungeons and dragons fourth edition game and it has been going well. The party which started with just two players has ballooned in to as many as nine and even after pairing down the roister to those I really wanted to keep around I still found the system getting in the way of the story I wanted to tell. What is a GM to do?

My options seemed to be limited, kick out players I like and characters that are interesting, change the story to fit the combat slog of 4th ed, find and create house rules to help speed up combat, or switch systems.

Changing the story to a more combat heavy dungeon crawl mechanic did not sit well with me. And cutting out characters for no other reason them my convince was not palatable. So that left me with the idea of shifting systems or modifying the one I have. The modify solution would probably be the easiest way to go but I have reached a point where I find no joy in opening a d and d book and considering the rules. I Gm and play rpgs for fun, I do not want it to become work. With that consideration made the only choice I had was to shove a new system down my player’s thoughts.

Fortunately my players were agreeable or at least willing to see were my madness will lead. We are switching the campaign to Burning Wheel. This is a new system for all of us but one that seems interesting and story driven. Hopefully it will meet both my needs and my player’s needs. I will keep updates coming on the outcome of this experiment.

My question is what would you have done? How would you handle the situation?

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