So what gives me the right to tell you how to game and expect you to listen.  Nothing actually you are free to come and go as you please.  On the other hand i feel as do the people around me that I have some interesting things to say on the topic of gaming and if you are not careful you might learn something.  I hope that you will also teach me a thing or two about this hobby.  I have been gaming since I have been in the third grade and gming since the fifth grade.

I am a storyteller at hart, for me this is were gaming comes from and the point of the hobby is first to have fun and second to tell a story. Most if not all of the concepts I share with you here will flow from that idea, so if you like telling stories whether as a player or a gm stick around I am sure you will find something here that you will like.

The sight will be organized in to features, each feature will consist of a sierras of articles on a related topics. So far we ahve two open featuers running:

  • Beyond the numbers – this feature looks at character creation and building interesting complex pc.
  • Looking up from the table – here we talk about the context of the roleplaying experience and more meta ideas about the hobby in general.

There will be more to come, I am planing a feature on world building, maybe a few revues of games and adventure arcs and modules for yo to use in your own games.  If there are any things you want to see in a gaming blog let me know if it interests me I might cover it, or if you have thoughts I am open to having guest bloggers sit in and share there view point.

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