Beyond the numbers: 20+ Questions

When I Here is a quick list of questions you can ask yourself to help stimulate backstory. There is no need to answerer each question for every character, but picking a few will lay a solid foundation for character development.

  1. Where are you from?
  2. How far have you traveled from home before the adventure starts?
  3. Who was your first love?
    1. How did it end, or is it still alive?
    2. What drew you to this person?
    3. How did you meet?
  4. Are your parents still married?
    1. Were they ever married?
    2. If no why not?
    3. If yes do they still live in the place you grew up?
  5. What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you?
  6. What is your favorite holiday?
  7. What was your dream job when you were ten?
    1. How did that influence your choice latter in life?
  8. Where you a bully or where you bullied?
  9. What was your parents dream job for you when you were a child?
  10. Did you have a pet as a child and if so what happened to it?
  11. Do you still have any scares or health problems from childhood injuries or disease?
  12. Do you have siblings and if so what is your relationship with them?
  13. What are your hobbies?
  14. Did you go to school or did you grow up working on the farm?
  15. Did you have a permanent home as a child?
  16. What was the most traumatic thing that happened to you growing up?
  17. Have you known true love?
    1. How did it end or is it still on going?
    2. How did you meet?
  18. What was your first job?
    1. Did you like it?
    2. Why did you leave?
  19. What was the happiest moment of your life up to now?
  20. What was your biggest victory and worst defeat before you started adventuring?

    Do you have some great character backstoies to share? If so leave them in the comments and don’t forget to fallow the feed. Have a great day and happy gaming.

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Beyond the numbers: Backstory and scaffolding

Here is another new column for you guys.  In this space we will be talking about what makes a character a character, how to be a better player and how to help craft the story of your adventures.  As with rule 1 I am going to start with some basic ideas and build on those as the blog progresses so lets take a look at the proper mind set for character creation.

How you think and what you think about when creating your character has a direct effect on how quickly he will advance in game. Don’t believe me? read on, give it a try and you will be rewarded. When you sit down to make a character were do you start? Do you work from a picture, or think about filling a role in the party?  Do you start with just some numbers on a page and a race or do you think about what you want to be able to do?  For the most part all of these starting places are means to answer the question “what can I do?” which I believe is the wrong question to ask if we truly want to make memorable characters that have more depth then the pools of there enemies blood.

The question we need to answer at the beginning of character creation is this: Who is my character, what is his current situation and how did he get there? The richer the character back story the more dynamic and complex the characters motivations will be. Lets look at three ways to start thinking about back story. Each of wich comes from a difrent first action of character creation.

First action: what is my role in the party.

The idea here is to think of how you will fit in with the group and how you can be effective in the main focal interaction of the game (i.e. combat,, investigation, court intrigue).  So with this thought in mind you desied to paly a pilot or a wizard detective what are some good ways to start thinking about backstory?

While you know why you as a player chose that class or career you need to shift to thinking about why did your character choose that path for there life?  Did you grow up wanting to be a pilot to escape a bad home life or maybe it is the family business, my father was a wizard so I will be.  just setting down this frame work gives you a lot of hooks to hang character personality and skills on.  At the hart of the back story proses this is the key to create a scaffolding so that when push comes together your character is a coherent whole.

First action: rolling stats

If we choose to roll states before we have even a concept of what we want to play we can let the character grow organically from the numbers.  Hun? Look at the states which are high which are low, if your character is particularly week is this an aspect of genetics or does he suffer from an energy suffered in his youth? If you have wisdom what life experience has led to that.  how did these intrinsic aspects of you characters being influence his childhood. Then start to think of hopes and dreams this then becomes the scaffolding.

First action working from an image (mental or otherwise)

If this is were the character creation proses starts for you you have also probably begun to tell yourself a story about the character.  you start thinking about were did that gun he is holding come from were did he get that scar.  These are simple questions we ask our selves and this is probably the essayist place to work from when it comes to back story.  It is also the hardest to come up with consistently when we need to make a character.

When we create a strong scaffolding of backstory for our characters we give our selves and our GMs ample hooks on which to hang story elements. With these hooks in place our characters will be more involved in the action of the game, they will spend more time in the spotlight and as a result we will get more opportunities to show of what we can do and there for more chance to advance in game

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